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The Ravens Warband is an informal group of re-enacters of the early Anglo-Saxon period (circa 500AD). As well as engaging in re-enactment of Anglo-Saxon warfare and crafts we conduct research into the period and make reproduction equipment. The group is committed to maintaining the highest standard of historical accuracy in the equipment made and used.

The group has close links with the Leicester-based group Wulfingas. We are always keen to meet like minded people so if you are interested why not contact us.

Confrontation between and Anglo-Saxon warrior and a skirmisher
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Living history - reenacting daily life.

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A guide to making reproduction Anglo-Saxon weapons and equipment.

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A library of photographs of the group.

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A selection of essays on the Anglo-Saxon period.

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Information on books produced by members of the group.

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Links to related sites.

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Download some stationery with an Anglo-Saxon theme for your email programme.

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A gazetteer of museums, battlefields and other places to visit .

Thatching an Anglo-Saxon building
Millennia Designs:
cross stitch, tapestry and embroidery kits inspired by the past.

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Tapestry based on the Sutton Hoo Shoulder Clasp

The Tapestry Kit Collection:
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