The Ravens Warband

Belt Pouch

A simple pouch can be made by folding and sewing a piece of leather as in fig, 1. Punch holes in the neck and thread with a thong to shut the pouch and to tie it to your belt.

Figure 1: Simple Pouch

Figure 2: Pouch with 'Strike-a-light'

More elaborate pouches (fig. 2) have a flap top to allow them to be opened without removing them from the belt. They can be fastened with a buckle or toggle (of horn, wood or bone) and can have an iron 'Strike-a-light' fastened to the front . Such pouches would have been used to carry a flint and tinder.

Make the pouch from a long rectangle of stiff leather. Fold 1/5 and 3/5 along the length to form the pouch and the flap. Sew strips of leather on the back to attach to the belt before sewing up the sides of the pouch.

'Strike-a-lights' would have been forged but it is simpler to cut the blank from 3mm sheet steel and drill the holes (fig 3). Sew the 'strike-a-light' to the pouch with linen thread.

Figure 3: Pattern for an iron 'Strike-a-light' from Grave 70 Holywell Row (length 10.5cm)

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