The Ravens Warband


Woollen material is usually sold in lengths 150cm wide. The length of material required is given below.

Inside leg Length required
27" to 30" 120cm
31" to 34" 130cm
35" to 38" 140cm

Trousers 1

1. Lay the material out and fold the short edges into the middle (figure 1).

2. Cut out the two legs (figure 2) and pin and sew up each leg.

Trousers 2
Trousers 3

3. Sew the two legs together (figure 3).

4. Turn the waist over 5cm and hem leaving a 10cm gap at the front unhemmed to allow a drawstring. Thread the drawstring (1.5m of piping cord or similar) through the hem and tie at the gap.

5. Alternatively finish the waist with a waistband. Cut a strip of material 10cm wide and 110cm long. Fold over and sew along the long side. Turn inside out and set to the waist of the trousers. Either add strips of wool to act as belt loops or pass a drawstring through the waistband.

Trousers 4
Trousers 5

6. Either hem the ankles or make foot pieces as follows:

Cut out two sole pieces by drawing round your feet leaving 2cm for a seam. Cut out uppers as shown in figure 5.

Pin and sew the uppers to the soles to make two open backed 'slippers'.

Cut out a 3-5cm high segment from the ends of the front panels of the trouser legs.

Pin and sew the slippers to the trouser legs.

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