The Ravens Warband


Woollen material is usually sold in lengths 150cm wide. The length of material required is given below.

Your height Length required
5' 1" or less 150cm
5' 2" to 5' 5" 160cm
5' 6" to 5' 9" 170cm
5' 10" to 6' 1" 180cm
6' 2" to 6' 5" 190cm

Tunic 1

1. Cut the material into four as indicated in figure 1.

2. Pin the sleeves as in figure 2.

Tunic 2
Tunic 3

3. Sew the main body seams as in figure 3.

4. Cut out the neck in the front panel only as in figure 4. Pin the shoulder seams, check your head will fit throughthe hole, if it doesn't extend the hole slightly. Sew up the shoulders.

Tunic 4

5. Turn a sleeve the right way out, that is with the seam, still pinned, on the inside. Put the sleeve inside the body of the tunic, as in figure 5, and pin and sew the sleeve into the body. Repeat for the other sleeve.

6. Put the tunic on and check it fits! The sleeves should be loose on the upper arm but tight on the forearm so that your hands only just fit through. Adjust the pins accordingly and sew up the sleeves. The cuffs should reach the knuckles but remember to leave room (3cm) for a hem. Cut off and save the spare material from the arms.

Tunic 5
Tunic 6

7. Hem the neckline of woollen tunics as follows. From the spare material from the arms cut several 4cm wide strips diagonally across the weave (figure 6). Sew these strips around the neck on the outside of the tunic (figure 7). Overlap the strips as necessary. Turn the strips over so that they are inside the tunic and the neckline is neat and hem them in.

8. Hem the cuffs and bottom of the tunic.

Tunic 7

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